r2do Monitor

Remote monitoring solution
for your car, boat, home, and everywhere else.

r2do Monitor is an app for Android phones that acts as an assistant to record images, location and audio which can be viewed remotely on other phones or computers. All that's required to get started is an extra Android device that can connect to WiFi or cellular network. Users with iOS devices can view their captured information by downloading r2do lite from the App Store!

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Remotely capture images from across your devices. Many settings to choose from such as which camera is used, flash, and whether to ignore images taken in low light.

View Images

Effortlessly view all the images captured from across your devices all in one place under one account.

Low Data Usage

With our customizable settings, r2do Monitor can be configured to use small amounts of data if used on a cellular network.


Run r2do Monitor on old Android devices to give them a new life!


See where your image captures were taken by enabling location services. This can be seen in both the coordinates or on a map.


Record 30 seconds of audio at the time of image capture to listen in to your device's surroundings.


Purchase r2do Monitor Pro to receive email reports of the last several image captures sent straight to your account's registered email address.


Copy your Sharing ID in-app and send to others to view images from your r2do Monitor device.